Recursions is an audiovisual performance in development by musician/composer Robin Koek (Cyspe) and visual artists Carolien Teunisse and Jessica Dreu (DEFRAME). In this layered show the audience experiences a dialog between image, sound and space. At the centre of the performance is a kinetic sculpture – based on the works of cybernetics pioneer Nicolas Schöffer – which weaves together live video, software generated visuals and electronic music.

The sculpture is connected to algorithmic software turning Recursions into a game that reflects upon self-organisation, control and losing control. The result: a unique live-set based on the unpredictable playfulness of frequencies and patterns.

Recursions is supported by FIBER and the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie (Creative Industries Fund NL). Many thanks to STEIM for their valuable support in the development of this project.