DEFRAME at Soenda Indoor 2017

Soenda Indoor, recently at our hometown Utrecht.


DEFRAME at Nova XX 2017

Nova XX invited us to perform our live AV show w/ Artefakt at their ‘women innovation & science & tech’ festival in Brussels later this year. Looking forward.

Planet Rose

DEFRAME at Planet Rose 2017-11

Happy to be performing at the legendary Planet Rose event at Doornroosje Nijmegen this Saturday.


DEFRAME - Mysteryland 2017 Techno Dome

We returned at Mysteryland festival to perform at the techno dome for two days, hosted by Paradise and Dave Clarke.

Word-Drawing #1

Words have meaning, only in a framework of a sentence. WordDrawing#1 looks at the meaning of words and how they transform into something new when the context is changed. During TodaysArt, visitors of the Koninklijke Schouwburg will be bombarded with words that are all harvested from online sources. Every word, every source, every combination results in different readings and different “shades of color”. These word-streams are projected on top of the wall-painting WD #696 by Sol LeWitt and follows the instructions of this original work.

From Mondriaan To Monk

DEFRAME - From Mondiaan To Monk

In the Netherlands, 2017 was announced as the year of ‘De Stijl’, titled: ‘From Mondrian to Dutch Design’. One hundred years ago, Theo van Doesburg founded ‘De Stijl’ in the city of Leiden. A new art movement was born, which was to influence modern art worldwide. During the roaring 20s, Mondriaan, a painter and key-figure of ‘De Stijl’ movement, listened to Stravinsky and Satie while living in Paris. Later, in the 1940s, he came to New York and was confronted with the dazzling bebop from Thelonious Monk, further stirring his ideas on music. This year performing at TodaysArt, the New European Ensemble and DEFRAME bring his musical world to life.

Welcome To The Future

DEFRAME at Welcome To The Future Festival 2017