Jessica Dreu

Jessica Dreu is a visual artist and photographer. Her visual aesthetic is distinguished by her integration of analog techniques and image quality in harmony with modern digital possibilities. She thinks outside the traditional canvas and combines mechanical concepts with architecturally aligned projections into context specific works.

Bram Snijders

Bram Snijders is a Dutch media artist whose works include augmented realities, video projections, interactive installations, robotics and live visuals. In his work, Bram explores the capabilities of various media and digital technologies for mixing virtual dimensions with the physical world. He is particularly interested in how the virtual is influenced by the physical and vice versa.

Carolien Teunisse

Carolien Teunisse is an Utrecht based visual media artist and curator. With her work she aims to discover interesting dialogues that occur between different types of media, merging realities between humans and technology by using projections and sensing devices to create installations and immersive experiences.

Luuk Meuffels